Friday, 30 November 2012

Sembilan Papan Selaju :)

The name is given to the skater’s lover in negeri Sembilan
Anyone who is interested with skate boarding are kindly invited to join our clinic.:) Our team will give a briefing about skate boarding on how to handle it and play it safety. You don’t need to worry of how to start involving yourself in this game. 

You should be proud you are giving this chance to learn from expertise on how to play this game. Certain people thought this kind of sports are crime. When some parents who do not know how to understand their children interest and prohibit them from joining this kind of sport. Skate boarding is not a crime besides it is an adventure sports. 

Sweet couple in Sembilan Papan Selaju ;)
Nura & Hairie

  This video credit by Tam :) Hope you enjoy it ;) 
click this plz :

Many skaters out there are having a good feedback from people who’s enjoying their credibility in showing their talent and skill in playing skate board. For example our teammate, Adebb is a model of Maxis in Malaysia. 

<===This is Adeeb :D

His effort makes him won first place in the competition :)

Congratulations to Adeeb Kasarsi :D so, don't judge this extreme sport as a crime. Look it positively. And yet, you will see the brightness of skate boarding is. I am a fans of skate boarding sport. Peace :D

Before i close this entry, i would like to wish Amar and Mish Happy Wedding!!! 
bye bye!! :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012



hye peeps, how are you today? there's a things that i wanna share with you guys today. it is about "change". there are time, we were are no longer a kids, we should  change our attitude and also the way we were thinking. i'm no longer a kid and i know, sometimes, i act like a child but it doesn't mean that i can't think what's right and wrong. isn't it?

people should know and learn the different level of maturity does not depend on a person attitude. I'm growing in the surrounding with baby and kids. i can be like a mother or like a kid's bestfriend. you see, it doesn't mean that i cant think like an adult. some people are simply said, "Hey, please change! You are old enough to act like a kids".. what? growing old doesn't mean our soul should be old too. you even never know, how powerful does kids have. Their imagination, are priceless. As we grow older, we should not left it behind. It helps a lot when you become a parents for your children in the future. Understanding your children feeling will encourage them to be more comfortable  having a communication with you. :)

This is my mother. I'm telling you the things that she did to me. :) She's very understanding mother! iloveyou mom!* hugkisses! :)

alololo..she's very cute right guys? hehe..muah2.;)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just Married!!!!!!!!!! :D

Oppssss!! Are you wondering whose just married..? Haha...Definitely that’s not me yaw. Hehehe…congratulations to my brother Nor hafizi with his lovely wife, Erica Oshima J Welcome to our family Erica!!!!! :) Instead of having her as my new sister-in-law, I also will have a new niece!!!Waa…I am very very very happy and I can’t wait for the new baby…hehehe...and congratulations to chik (my brother) hehe...Not so long to become a father ha?:) I’m happy for you bro. :) 

The night before the wedding day, J my niece and nephew giving their hand in. Everyone is doing their part perfectly! See…
I’ve told you…hehe...I’m so glad to have them in my life. :)

The wedding part is coming now…:D tadaaaaa!!

Look at the picture!! Who’s the bridesmaid? Haahahaha; p that’s;p you know what? I’m wearing 7 inch high heels but yet I’m still look short there. Ohhh hana… a very short girl. ;/ ohhh no!!!!! Actually I am the youngest and not yet married. So! By hook or by crook, I must be the bridesmaid harm my feet by wearing a painful high heels to looks better in the picture! Hahaha. That’s me. ;p trying to be taller but failed to be tall (crying inside ;p). 


At night of the wedding, cakes time! :D ===>

 Finished up the cakes and continued to the next events. Guess what? ;)

 Yeah!!! :D The brides are supposedly to open up all their wedding presents and Taufik is helping the brides reading the wedding cards.

Now is karaoke time!!!! :D the time that has been waiting yaw! :D Now is karaoke time!!!! :D the time that has been waiting yaw! :D Look!! Alang playing guitar escort Chik performing Tragedi Oktober song for us

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Welcome to My World! ^__^

hello there :) have a wonderful day everyone.

just a bit intro i would like to post here about my self. :) firstly, my name is Radhiatul Hasanah Bt Zainal Abidin... oh.. i know. it's quite long. isn't it?hehe.. then, i prefer you to call me hana. :) i'm a small girl aged 22 whose doing degree in finance in UiTM Malacca.  Before pursuing my study into degree level, i have obtained my diploma in accountancy at UiTM Samarahan,Sarawak.

In making this post looks perfect, ( erm, maybe only in my eyes ha?hehe.;p) I'm the youngest in my family. i have 11 siblings which i have 6 brothers and 4 sister.:) i also have 10 niece and 17 nephew. yes!i have a big family tree. :) hehe.

as i told you, i'm the youngest in my family.:) so i'm a bit childish sometimes
believe me. tadaaa..!! =P

ohhh.. what else i'm gonna write here..;/ i am really really really bad in sorry..i know its a bit lame here.. hmm..okay. see you in next post.;p bye bye :D

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