Wednesday, 28 November 2012



hye peeps, how are you today? there's a things that i wanna share with you guys today. it is about "change". there are time, we were are no longer a kids, we should  change our attitude and also the way we were thinking. i'm no longer a kid and i know, sometimes, i act like a child but it doesn't mean that i can't think what's right and wrong. isn't it?

people should know and learn the different level of maturity does not depend on a person attitude. I'm growing in the surrounding with baby and kids. i can be like a mother or like a kid's bestfriend. you see, it doesn't mean that i cant think like an adult. some people are simply said, "Hey, please change! You are old enough to act like a kids".. what? growing old doesn't mean our soul should be old too. you even never know, how powerful does kids have. Their imagination, are priceless. As we grow older, we should not left it behind. It helps a lot when you become a parents for your children in the future. Understanding your children feeling will encourage them to be more comfortable  having a communication with you. :)

This is my mother. I'm telling you the things that she did to me. :) She's very understanding mother! iloveyou mom!* hugkisses! :)

alololo..she's very cute right guys? hehe..muah2.;)

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