Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Welcome to My World! ^__^

hello there :) have a wonderful day everyone.

just a bit intro i would like to post here about my self. :) firstly, my name is Radhiatul Hasanah Bt Zainal Abidin... oh.. i know. it's quite long. isn't it?hehe.. then, i prefer you to call me hana. :) i'm a small girl aged 22 whose doing degree in finance in UiTM Malacca.  Before pursuing my study into degree level, i have obtained my diploma in accountancy at UiTM Samarahan,Sarawak.

In making this post looks perfect, ( erm, maybe only in my eyes ha?hehe.;p) I'm the youngest in my family. i have 11 siblings which i have 6 brothers and 4 sister.:) i also have 10 niece and 17 nephew. yes!i have a big family tree. :) hehe.

as i told you, i'm the youngest in my family.:) so i'm a bit childish sometimes
believe me. tadaaa..!! =P

ohhh.. what else i'm gonna write here..;/ i am really really really bad in writing..so sorry..i know its a bit lame here.. hmm..okay. see you in next post.;p bye bye :D

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