Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just Married!!!!!!!!!! :D

Oppssss!! Are you wondering whose just married..? Haha...Definitely that’s not me yaw. Hehehe…congratulations to my brother Nor hafizi with his lovely wife, Erica Oshima J Welcome to our family Erica!!!!! :) Instead of having her as my new sister-in-law, I also will have a new niece!!!Waa…I am very very very happy and I can’t wait for the new baby…hehehe...and congratulations to chik (my brother) hehe...Not so long to become a father ha?:) I’m happy for you bro. :) 

The night before the wedding day, J my niece and nephew giving their hand in. Everyone is doing their part perfectly! See…
I’ve told you…hehe...I’m so glad to have them in my life. :)

The wedding part is coming now…:D tadaaaaa!!

Look at the picture!! Who’s the bridesmaid? Haahahaha; p that’s me.lol.haha..;p you know what? I’m wearing 7 inch high heels but yet I’m still look short there. Ohhh hana… a very short girl. ;/ ohhh no!!!!! Actually I am the youngest and not yet married. So! By hook or by crook, I must be the bridesmaid harm my feet by wearing a painful high heels to looks better in the picture! Hahaha. That’s me. ;p trying to be taller but failed to be tall (crying inside ;p). 


At night of the wedding, cakes time! :D ===>

 Finished up the cakes and continued to the next events. Guess what? ;)

 Yeah!!! :D The brides are supposedly to open up all their wedding presents and Taufik is helping the brides reading the wedding cards.

Now is karaoke time!!!! :D the time that has been waiting yaw! :D Now is karaoke time!!!! :D the time that has been waiting yaw! :D Look!! Alang playing guitar escort Chik performing Tragedi Oktober song for us

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